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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management System cost?

We make it 'Affordable' - based upon the number of workers (including contractors); the number of permanent workplaces; and the industry type.

Contact us for quote on the actual cost - you will be pleasantly surprised.

Does NZOHS offer any support?

Yes we do, when you buy an OHS Management System from us, you will you receive free Advice, Support and Guidance that includes free 'Getting Started' training, and on-going help
from support @ NZOHS - (fair use conditions apply)

How often is the OHS Management System updated?

Monthly, and the Updates are available immediately on-line to download.

Is the OHS Management System accessible on-line?

Yes it is - click here to login.

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Overview ?

Below is an overview of our Occupational Health and
Safety (OHS) Management System:

Made Simple

OHS compliance made simple, and affordable.

Saves Time
All you have to do is read the instructions and
complete the forms

Saves Money
Priced to suit the size of the business, and the
type of business.

HSWA Compliant
Written to assist your business in meeting all it's
'duties' to the Health and Safety at Work (HSWA)
legislation, regulations and standards

Made in New Zealand
Fully compliant with New Zealand HSWA legislation,
regulations and standards

3,000+ Systems
More than 3,000 Occupational Health and Safety
(OHS) Management Systems have been sold

Over 15 years
New Zealand Occupational Health and Safety
(NZOHS) Limited has been successfully operating
for over 15 years.

Free Advice, Support and Guidance
Free on-going help from support @ NZOHS

HSWA Compliant

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