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Our Mission

Operating a Business in New Zealand can be difficult and one thing that can make it even more difficult is work-related injury or illness, which can result in unexpected costs, downtime or the loss of a valued staff member.
Under the HSE Act (Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992) and 2002 Amendments, as an employer the law states that you must look after the health and safety of all employees at your workplace including all visitors, contractors, volunteers and customers on your Workplace(s)/site(s).

The HSE Act also states that you must also involve all employees, and their Health and Safety representatives, in the management of their Health and Safety on an ongoing basis.

Research in New Zealand shows that when all employees are directly involved in their own Health and Safety, injury and illness rates do reduce.

Complete and full compliance with all parts the
HSE Act is critical to the long term success of your Business.

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