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Our Testimonials

Below are the best type of testimonials that any business can hope for.

Unsolicited ones.

Hi Genna,

Just letting you know that we find the NZOHS Osh Management System to be a cost effective way to manage the Health and Safety for our business out on site.

With our previous provider we needed to purchase site packs for each site we worked on, but with the NZOHS System we have access to electronic copies of all forms/signs/templates that we need for each site, and have full control over how and when we use them. 

We find the system easy to use.

Using the NZOHS System is a no brainer for us.


Business owner, Construction

Thanks Tracy,

I've had a look on your site and have seen a few of my customers listed so I have called and spoken to them regards your service.

It seems your industry is full of rogues, but the approach of NZOHS is honest and workable so I would like to meet with one of your consultants for an appraisal.

Frans has been recommended – is he available?


Business owner, Warehousing.

Hi Guys,

I just had a call from a local building firm who I believe you had given my number to call and get my opinion on NZOHS.

Once I had hung up after our brief discussion I thought it was about time I told you guys exactly what I had told them (she asked if I had shares in NZOHS).

The NZOHS team provide a service that I feel is second to none, your knowledge on all things Health and Safety and your willingness to provide excellent advise and support is greatly appreciated. To be honest I can’t speak highly enough of the service and support you have provided me over the last few years.

Keep up the great work!!


Business owner, Plumbing and Drainlaying.

Hi Hugh,

Thought you might like to know that we have just passed our ACC Audit at Secondary level.

The only additional item I was asked to produce post audit was a flowchart on risk management prior to and following procurement or modification showing that health & safety personnel are consulted when purchasing or introducing any new/modified equipment, services etc.  and associated hazards are identified, assessed and controlled (3.7.1 and 3.7.2)

The auditor’s comments were that the “external OSH system is robust and comprehensive” – good feedback for you.

She also said that we were very close to tertiary level.

Kind regards,

Business owner, Manufacturing.

HSWA Compliant

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What size PCBUs (businesses) have brought ?

PCBUs of all different sizes have brought our
Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management
System over the years, including:
Less than 5 employees
5 to 20 employees
20 to 50 employees
50 to 100 employees
100 or more employees
And we have also sold to a number of PCBUs
who operate from multiple sites/branches/workplaces,

HSWA Compliant

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